Money Management tactics For Organizations revealed !!!

Money Management tactics
Money Management tactics

You’re in the procurement conundrum only if…

You have an ERP software and only if the parts of the procurement process are managed through the ERP software.

You are having a Procurement department.
And also, you have an accounting and payable team. Also, consider your vendors are getting paid late and constantly following up with AP

But that doesn’t mean that your ERP, the AP team, or the PO process isn’t doing their job

The problem is that all systems are islands: ERP which only a few employees can access. Purchase requisition and approval interactions that happen through email. The vendor invoice submission that arrives with no supporting documents or in some cases doesn’t arrive at all. The solution to this problem is a software platform that brings the islands together to allow visibility through the entire process end to end. Expensing Procure to Pay solution is an inclusive software that puts everyone on to one easy to use the platform.

When you solve the procurement conundrum, this is what happens…

  • POS are now the norm
  • Purchase Requisitions from mobile
  • Quicker turnaround times
  • Complete
  • Audit trail
  • Vendor invoices are checked so thoroughly
  • DOA is implemented
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