Hyper Hike In Petrol Price In UAE!!

Petrol Price In UAE Has Increased 5% - The land which Has Emerged from Petroleum.

Hike In Petrol Price

For the First Time In UAE, the FTA has made the declaration that Petrol Price In UAE will be Taxed.

The Petrol Price In UAE Is Taxed at 5%.

The representatives have made it clear that Crude oil and Natural gas will be exempted from the VAT.

But, this clear-cut Exemption Is not gonna fill your fuel tank, nor will decrease the Petrol Price In UAE.

Earlier there stayed an uncertainty about Imposing VAT on Petroleum products.

But, now Its clearly mentioned in the declaration, and the reason for the hike in Petrol Price In UAE this year.

This VAT Implementation of 5% won't become a burden for many. It will hike the Petrol Price In UAE and comparatively will Increase the cost of living.

For complete Information on VAT In UAE, Contact Transines Solutions for any VAT related Issues.
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