Here is How UAE VAT Made Consumers ways Simpler than Before

Where Consumers feel the Business is undergoing Changes, They are Meant for Correction.

UAE VAT Implementation has well Initiated In the UAE by the FTA.
Still, there Is a pile of doubts that arise regarding the Consumer knowledge.
The Rights & Responsibilities regarding Payments & Collection of UAE VAT should be known to all, So I write this small piece of Information.
Queries that have sprouted out In General Consumers minds regarding the post UAE VAT Implementation Includes the following.

UAE VAT Implementation Impact

Is the Price Displayed on a Product Inclusive of UAE VAT?

Certainly yes It Is, In most of the cases yeah they should Be. 
According to the regulations concerning the TAX exclusive prices for a taxable supply, the Displayed price on the product shall be Inclusive of the UAE VAT.

But, Only exemptions stay In case of Export & Supply to another UAE VAT registrant.

The price must be displayed Exclusive of the UAE VAT, In this case.

Can Retailers add anything extra to UAE VAT on the Bill? 

No, Retailers are not authorized to adjust prices or any add-ons to the UAE VAT on a Bill.

Always the advertised rates will be Inclusive of the UAE VAT.

If you come across any fraudulent activities, Inform Department of Economic Development. 

If you find any cheating on displaying of the UAE VAT rates, You are obliged to point It out to the TAX authorities.

This will subject the retailer to a  heavy Penalty.

Should UAE VAT on Items on eCommerce sites be Mentioned?

Most of the Items on any eCommerce sites will be UAE VAT Inclusive only.

It Is the responsibility of the service provider to account for UAE VAT.

Hence, no mention of UAE VAT means Inclusive of the UAE VAT.

Will Restaurants be able to decide their own UAE VAT rate?

The Law enables a Business owner to set their own reasonable prices for their commodity.

This Is not possible for the Items enforced by the Government.

Report to the authorities If any price manipulation Is found.

Government take this very seriously and appropriate actions will follow.

Shall every Business charge a 5% UAE VAT rate?

No, Only Businesses registered for UAE VAT will be able to charge on UAE VAT.

You may have a check on the TAX Invoice Issued by the Business If they lack TRN, they are not eligible to charge a UAE VAT on consumers.

Always Inspect the TAX Invoice and accordingly report It to the authorities.

Will UAE VAT be applied to Gratuity?

UAE VAT Is only applied to gratuity when It Is Included In the bill for services.

whereas, tips are not subjected t the UAE VAT.

Will UAE VAT be Imposed for the Restaurant Delivery Services?

If the Restaurant Is charging for Delivery service then UAE VAT Is charged.

And If the Restaurant Provides delivery as a Free service then the UAE VAT Is not charged.

Will Shipping cost also be subjected to the UAE VAT?

The courier services and shipping within UAE comes with Inclusive of the UAE VAT.

How shall be UAE VAT applied for Discounts & Vouchers?

UAE VAT shall only be payable at the Discounted price.

If a Free service or Free Item Is redeemed using a Voucher, No UAE VAT shall be charged.

will Subscriptions be subjected to UAE VAT?

All the subscriptions are subjected to the UAE VAT from beginning of this year.

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