GCC VAT Enabled VAT Software for Accounting

VAT Software for Accounting

We’re strong believers in UAE growth story. The recent events like implementation of Value Added Tax (VAT) is one the biggest of all tax reforms in GCC countries. Get to know about VAT Software Fast.
GCC VAT Enabled VAT Software
Ever since the government passed the VAT bill everybody looking for VAT Software. We’ve been very busy setting up a team of VAT experts, who have analyzed and understood the changes that businesses are going to experience in the  new VAT regime. When every invoice generated in the country has to pass through the VAT Network, you know that it is not a simple transition but a mammoth-task that the government has undertaken.
In short, businesses can no longer leave their back office operations on the back burner. The finance department of every company has bigger priorities than spending hours on additional bookkeeping requirements. They will need robust technology that will help them transition to the new era with ease. So, we came to a conclusion with a software that will perform all the VAT related issues. Thus, we introduce our VAT software for GCC VAT, In-order to transform every back-office functions secured & automated using VAT software.
In UAE & GCC Countries the VAT is being implemented in the near future. All can safeguard your businesses with a VAT software and add up the VAT benefits by implementing a reliable VAT Software. The UAE is introducing VAT from 1 January 2018 onwards, and has now issued the Federal VAT Law  establishing the domestic rules applying for VAT in the UAE. This will add up to the Unified VAT Agreement for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) signed by each of the Member State. VAT Executive Regulations are in the process of being approved and it is hoped they will be enacted and made public in the coming months.

One-Nation, One-Tax, One-VAT Software.

The VAT unites GCC states  with a single indirect tax, Now businesses can run their complete back-office operations with a single VAT software that can put all your VAT related headaches to a everlasting relief.  We also provides Finance softwares/ Apps which are built from the ground up-with the same database. This means that businesses using an appropriate VAT software do not have to worry about duplicating data across other VAT software App's or manually adding transactions. Transactions created in one VAT software are made available contextually in the other  VAT Software Apps too.

File VAT returns with ease using VAT Software.

With a VAT software to look after all your financial headaches, there’s no need to capture taxes separately or export data to another software for filing purposes. Businesses can develop VAT compliant invoices and verify the appropriate taxes seized on each transaction as it is generated. The VAT Software will generate all the monthly returns automatically, so they can be filed with a click of a button.

Smart & Intelligent VAT Software for The UAE Businesses

The Businesses were used by comparatively dull, out-dated, disconnected software for a long period. These products were functional, no doubt, but they never aimed at improving the user experience. With the increase of scope and change in some functions businesses now have a reason to switch to VAT software that’s Online, connected, and able to make their work enjoyable. Simple things like fetching bank transactions Online and adjusting them are true-pleasure at Transines - A leading VAT Software dealer in Dubai with 20+ years of experience. which makes the work feel relaxed.

How to Choose the Right VAT Software

You need to compare the needs of your business against what different packages VAT Software is offering. Evidently the  VAT Software will enable you to meet your legal-tax & account responsibilities, but it is usually your own commercial needs that help decide which is the right package for you.
Although you may start out with some general needs, Also you need to ensure that specific detailed needs are met. A cash business will have different needs to a non-cash business. Choosing the right package can be a complex business and getting it wrong can cause you major headaches.
Talking to your accountant is a good place to start. It certainly helps if your accountant is familiar with the package you are using so we can provide any help you need and they will be able to help advise on what is suitable for you. A consideration of what other support is available for the software is also a critical-consideration. At times it is Adequate to Adapt how you work to meet the VAT, But the VAT software already matches your work Ideally.

The Do's & dont's You need to consider while looking for VAT Software....

  • Do you want real time access from your accountant or access from anywhere? If so, VAT software package may be the solution
  • Do you  need a payroll package to go with the VAT Software and if so is it accredited by the software providers?
  • Do you have enough transactions to warrant using accounts VAT software?
  • Do you need a number of people to be able to access the  VAT software at the same time over a network?
  • What is the set-up of your computer system and is the VAT Software designed to run on it?
  • Do you need to have a Accounting/ VAT software to monitor debtors and creditors?
  • Do you need VAT software to do invoicing and tailor the appearance of the invoices and be able to print in the format you want, perhaps on multi-part forms on a dot-matrix printer?
  • Do you need it to keep track of VAT and do your VAT Returns with a VAT Software?
  • Is it required to have a VAT software to produce management accounts for your business?
  • Does your accountant have the  VAT Software to allow easy production of your end-year Accounts and Data Sharing?
  • Do you need VAT software to control stock?
  • Is there a particular leading VAT Software for your industry?
  • Is it necessary to deal with a particular type of VAT software scheme such as Cash-Accounting, the flat-rate scheme or a particular retail scheme?
  • Does VAT Software need to handle foreign currency? – these packages tend to be more expensive.
  • Does VAT Software need to integrate with retail point of sale (POS) if you already have a shop?
  • Does VAT Software integrate with making Online payments?

 Contact Transines Solutions for any details on the VAT Software.

Implementation of the VAT Accounting Software

Implementing the accounting software requires some planning and consideration of the following…
Training – staff will need to be trained in use of the package.

Initial setup details – Apart from your business details, year-end and type of vat scheme one of the important factors to get right from the start is your Chart of Accounts. These are the headings in your accounts and it is sensible to discuss this with your accountant. Whilst packages often come with several standard ones you may want to tailor it to your own needs.

Historic transactions – you may need to enter the historic transactions and the current balances to get the right opening position. Often it is simpler to start the package at the beginning of an accounting year and in a quite time for the business.

Parallel running – this does require a lot of work but is often helpful to do so for a short time just to ensure everything is operating as you expect.

Support – most packages can have a support agreement purchased with them and this is often a good investment, particularly for the first year of use.

VAT Accounting software – Advantages and Disadvantages

Keeping your accounts can be a tricky business. It is necessary to do so not only to comply with legal obligations but to help you manage your business.
Businesses keep accounts in different ways…
  • Some keep accounts manually using pen and paper & special accounts books.
  • Some will use a computerized version of this such as excel spreadsheets to help with all the adding up and so speed up the process. There is of course the danger of incorrect formulas in the spreadsheet and they are not specifically designed to be accounting systems.
  • Some use accounting software which is one of the most efficient & accurate method of keeping  accounts if utilized correctly. This could also be online.

Advantages of using VAT Accounting Software

These include…
  • Only having to enter information once, The software does the double entry.
  • Management of your debtors and creditors.
  • Automatic sales invoice generation.
  • Provision of financial management reports of all types to help you manage the business.
  • Automatic calculation of VAT Returns
  • Easy production of final accounts.
  • Some have forecasting and budget facilities built in to help you manage.
  • They can combine with other software such as stock control & payroll.

Disadvantages of using VAT Accounting Software

These include…
  • The learning cost and time of using and setting up the software.
  • The cost of purchase, support & maintenance even though there are several low priced packages in the market suitable for small businesses.
  • Although a general-package will work with most businesses, the package should adapt or should not be suitable for some particular types of businesses.

How We Can Help You?

We can assist you with advice on choosing the appropriate accounting system for you, in helping you odoo erp implementation and training. Contact us The Transines for any vat related issues that you are facing.

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